Everything you need to reduce combined sewer overflows at a discounted rate.

Reduce wet weather discharge for a fraction of the cost of traditional, passive solutions. 



Managing a combined sewer system can be challenging. Wet weather flows need to be controlled to avoid CSOs, but existing passive infrastructure is limited in its capability to utilize storage effectively across a range of storm events. Instead of relying on costly new construction to control wet weather flows, why not improve the effectiveness of assets you already own?
Every CSO community has upstream storage assets that are underutilized. Opti’s continuous monitoring and adaptive control (CMAC) technology intelligently utilizes storage capacity around rain events, optimizing performance for timing, duration, peak control, and/or volume reduction -- all the components needed for effective mitigation of CSOs. For a limited time, Opti is making an exclusive partnership offer to CSO communities.



significant savings on capital costs

For every 10,000 gallons of upstream storage, Opti's CMAC technology has been proven to prevent up to 170,000 gallons of wet weather flows per year while also controlling peak flow rates. 

Opti technology provides up to a 90% reduction in cost over conventional wet-weather flow reduction approaches.


Turnkey Hardware and Support Package

Simple retrofits turn passive infrastructure into future-proof stormwater facilities. It only takes three components to deploy our technology - a level sensor, actuated valve, and control panel - and we will support you every step of the way.

There is no need for costly new construction or complicated planning.



Opti is the complete watershed management solution built to handle every storm, and Opti's powerful cloud platform collects all the performance data to prove it.

If Opti is not able to reduce wet weather flow by >50% over an existing passive system, you don't pay for our service.


PROVEN - 130+ active sites across the US 


Opti's CMAC technology has been effectively managing stormwater for municipalities, universities, and large private land owners since 2011. With over 130 active sites across the United States, every day we demonstrate the power of our stormwater management solutions with partners like Veolia, EPA, DOEE, and the City of Albany.

Industry leaders trust Opti to prove and improve system performance:

Retrofitting existing infrastructure with this kind of smart technology just makes sense. . . I could see this as a great tool for communities to reach their stormwater management goals.
— Johnson County Stormwater Program Manager, Lee Kellenberger
According to the EPA, over 850 billion gallons of untreated sewage are discharged during combined-sewer overflows each year in the U.S. Opti provides a robust cost-effective solution to this environmental problem.
— Geosyntec Senior Vice President, Peter Zeeb

Transform your existing infrastructure into active, dynamic assets with Opti's exclusive CSO partnership offer.


Traditional stormwater BMPs have been almost entirely designed as passive systems governed by a fixed control structure. Passive infrastructure is limited in its capability to utilize storage effectively across a range of storm events, resulting in unreliable performance and inherently undervalued assets. Recent advances like Opti's continuous monitoring system and adaptive control (CMAC) system are providing the foundation for a future of "always-on", digitally connected stormwater infrastructure.

These solutions are particularly well suited for situations where timing and volume reduction are critically important - including migration of combined sewer overflows. Every CSO community has upstream storage assets suitable for CMAC retrofits. To optimize these underutilized assets and reduce wet weather flows, Opti is offering exclusive discounted pricing for CMAC retrofits in CSO communities.


significant savings For a Limited Time

Opti service for $200 per month per facility through December 2017, an exclusive introductory rate with no long-term commitment.

Simple Deployment With On-Going support

At $10,000 per facility, our standard hardware and support package is both painless and affordable.

Pay for Performance Guarantee

If Opti is not able to significantly reduce wet-weather flow over an existing passive system, you do not pay for the service at all.


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